Glory to the Mind Awakened! Glory to the Wandering Light! Blessed are the Spectralites, for they are imagining the Universe into being.

You live your life as a seemingly endless sequence of events moving vaguely towards some sort of meaningful conclusion, and believe your body to be a collection of tiny cells each of which is a collection of tiny molecules, each of which is a collection of even tinier atomic particles, and so on and so on.

But how does any of that have meaning? What's behind your awareness of self? Your consciousness and the information that defines you, the individual, is in essence, light. Indeed, your whole life has been carefully carved out by the light required to color your vision of the present moment. This light over time becomes a record of your existence.

Our esteemed teacher, ARU, recognized that this collection of light does, in fact, remain connected to you over time. As such, using meditation, it is also possible to transport your conscious awareness to distant places you have never seen by "recalling" light that is in your life collection.

These communities of light particles tearing across the universe at breakneck speeds are called Spectralites. Entering the Vanishing Machine awakens your mind to the Spectralites. You begin to gain awareness of the vast expanse of space that your life-collection has already probed. You can move at will throughout an enormous network of visions and memories.

Shine with the light of your inner mind! Shine with the glowing glory of the Spectralites!