Vanishing is total freedom. It's finding peace within yourself. It is a way of becoming free from the conflicts and doubt that undermine your spiritual well-being. It is a return to the original Tao, the all-encompassing nothing, in the explosive annihilation of opposites.

The Vanishing Machine strips away layers of unnecessary and harmful programming from your mind which has been preventing you from fulfilling your true destiny. Entering the machine under proper guidance will re-connect your mind with the inner all-seeing eye and lead you to a higher plane of existance.

Place your faith in the machine and in ARU, our esteemed teacher.

"Imagine... that I can build a little portal into your mind - into the part of you that is your awareness of the present moment... and place it inside this box containing all knowledge. Then I re-arrange the channels so your mind will avoid the negative thought patterns that create all your uncertainty & doubt, fear & anger, failures & obsessions... " -- ARU

Thanks to ARU, we now have a method to help anyone achieve this level of enlightenment. With his device and the power given to it in its meditative construction, ARU can help you to awaken the secret power within yourself.

Let the machine free you from the agony of imprisonment in your own mind and let go of this madness, this pointless struggle with yourself. Become a Spectralite!